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Boho Home Decor

The Studio

Welcome to my studio!

The studio is located in the beautiful Tranebergs Strand in west Stockholm

about only 5min from Alvik subway, tram and bus station.

The surroundings are stunning and gives the unique possibility of combining

indoor and outdoor photos in 1 session!


The studio is located on the ground floor with big windows and a beautiful view of the marina

and is divided into 2 sections.

As I am photographing many babies and newborns, one of the important aspects has been that the studio feels cozy. This helps my small clients and their parents to relax during the sessions. I have a seating area for parents to have a perfect view of what is happening with their little ones while I am posing and taking photos of them. 

I also offer a baby changing table, baby wipes, and diapers.


 In the other section, I wanted to bring a cozy bohemian lifestyle feeling to my sessions.

I created a bedroom and a lounge, including the trendy peacock chair.

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