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Milk Bath

General info

Milk bath photography is wildly popular at the moment!

A baby's first year goes by so quickly and is filled with lots of milestone moments. A milk bath session is a celebration of when your baby can sit upright and may be close to crawling but are not yet able to walk.

In this session, I will only photograph your child alone in the bathtub. No family pictures are included.

Milk baths consist of warm water, milk, and pretty things added in and around the tub, such as flowers, fruits, or greenery. 

I capture your baby's genuine expressions when they smile, giggle, and their proud little face when they realise they have learned to sit up by themselves.

All backgrounds, flowers, fruits, and props are included

When to book

Anytime from when your baby starts sitting (aprox 6 months)  up to when they start walking (aprox 1 year)

How to book

I will e-mail you a contract of agreement and booking fee instructions.

Once the booking fee is paid and you answered the agreement your booking is confirmed.

The session with Mari was amazing from first contact to final product.

My daughter had so much fun in the warm cozy tub. Definitely an amazing way to celebrate this important milestone.

Ella Björn

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